2017 Reflections + New Year Intentions

Happy New Year! Thought I’d share a little “year in review” type of post with you and share a few of my goals and intentions for 2018. I’ve seen a lot of “2017 was the worst” posts. I’m with ya; it was by no doubt a tough year and brought too much heartache for too many people. But wouldn’t it be better if rather than focusing on the bad, we highlighted the good? There was tragedy and disaster, but also stories of hope and heroism. There was political discourse, but also thousands of strangers banding together to rally for their fellow men and women and what they thought was right. Trust me when I say that I worry for the state of our world, but I also think that we could make it better by spreading love and hope instead of focusing on all that is wrong. I’m by no means saying you should be complacent or not fight for what you believe in – I’m all for that! I just like doing that while also encouraging others. My year certainly brought some personal challenges and pits, but looking back on the other side I feel stronger and more certain of the person I want to be than ever before. I’m sure that 2018 will bring its own set of hurdles, but I’m hopeful for where I will be a year from now. So, in the spirit of sharing the good here’s a few highlights from my year.

Spontaneous trip to NYC, January
Florida, February
Solo trip to Thailand & Vietnam, March/April
Made new friends in the Lexington blogger community
Spoke at Hartley Social’s Sit With Us, May
Weekend Reading on Lexeats.com
Surprised my parents for their 30th anniversary, June
My cousin’s wedding, June
Denver, CO on lexeats.com
Denver, July
My best friend Ashley’s wedding, August
The Eclipse, August
Started dating this fella (Dave) in April (photo’s from October.. I’m a little secretive but maybe will tell y’all more about him at some point!)
The Lexington Donut Guide on lexeats.com
Launched the Lexington Donut Guide, October
Dublin with my little sister, November
Budapest, November
Prague, November
Santa Con in NYC for my best friend Marena’s Bachelorette, December
My little sister Charlotte’s Deb Ball, December
Toys for Tots, December
UK Bowl Game, December
Last breakfast of 2017.. my Mimi’s fried apple pies

I’m not a huge resolution person and would rather focus on setting intentional goals throughout the year, but the new year always feels like the right time to refresh those goals. I’ve been using Power Sheets for the past two years and love them! I’ve set several broad, “big picture” intentions for this year and plan to use my Power Sheets to work towards them. I think I’m going to share my Power Sheets on Instagram stories (and maybe here) each month so that y’all can keep me accountable on actually following through with these intentions 😉

  • Grow Lex Eats: I have a lot of ideas for what I want to do with this blog, and they are certainly not all fleshed out yet. I’d love to uncover more of that this year, but am giving myself room to let that happen naturally. 
  • Cultivate relationships: friends, family, boyfriend, church, work, roommate… I wanna be there for my people!
  • Grow my faith
  • Do less better: I let myself get way too overcommitted this year and learned that you can’t do it all and do it all well. I’m trying to focus on narrowing in on what I love and doing those things better this year.
  • Be proud of my work: I know I do good job at work, but I’m the type that always sees room for improvement. I’d like to plan better and put out work that I’m really proud of this year.
  • Feel better: This is my health one.. I’m not really worried about losing weight or looking a certain way, but just have let myself go the past few months and just don’t feel good. Gotta turn that around! 
  • Love others well

How about you, are you a resolution person? I’d love to know what your goals are for this year! Hoping it’s a great one and am so grateful for each of you for following along my little journey for another year!

Biscuits & blessings,



  1. Definitely ready to start the new year and refresh my goals as well ❤️

  2. You look like you had a full year!

  3. You look like you had a full year! I love reflection, it’s the best way to grow! Happy New Year!

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