A ranking of the new Halo Top flavors

Who else is obsessed with Halo Top ice cream? I know I can’t be the only one. I discovered Halo Top a few months ago from a fellow food blogger and definitely thought it was too good to be true, because when has low-cal ice cream ever actually tasted good?! However, I’ve yet to be let down by Halo Top. Each pint is under 300 calories (for a whole pint!), is all natural, low in sugar and high in protein. I really don’t get how it’s possible, but I swear it actually tastes like real ice cream. And I’m not a diet dessert kind of gal. If I’m going to consume calories, I want them to be worth it. I’m not going to waste my cals on some sugar free bullsh*t of a dessert, because it’s just not worth it! I’d rather have the real thing. The problem with that is that I have a huge sweet tooth and crave something sweet after almost every meal. Like even after breakfast.. Eating dessert daily can be problematic, so I love keeping a pint (okay, or two) of Halo Top around and treating myself to a few spoonfuls after dinner without feeling too guilty. Orrrrrrr just eating ice cream for dinner because #adult.


So, when I heard about the new Halo Top flavors, you better believe I was more than excited. Pistachio? Cookie Dough? Smores? I have a one word response to that: yaaaaaasssssssss. So what did I do upon hearing the news? Drive straight to Kroger to investigate. Except, they were completely sold out of all the new flavors. My roommates and I even went to the help desk to ask if they had any in the back!! Luckily, they restocked the next day and we came home with 9 pints of ice cream! I’ve ranked all the new flavors for you below. I left out the Mocha Chip because I don’t like coffee – my biggest character flaw, I know – so I couldn’t weigh in on that one. I also haven’t been able to get my hands on Chocolate Almond Crunch yet, but have been checking in at Kroger and will be sure to report back as soon as I can try it!

  1. Pistachio: The real MVP of the new flavors. Pistachio is one of my favorite dessert flavors. I was impressed with Halo Top’s rendition, it is a true pistachio flavor and doesn’t taste artificial like many pistachio-flavored things can. 
  2. Salted Caramel: I LOVE salted caramel anything. It’s the perfect salty-sweet combination and Halo Top’s rendition does not disappoint. The texture is silky smooth with ribbons of caramel intertwined.
  3. Black Cherry: I was surprised by how much I liked this one! A great balance of rich and sweet and there are little chewy bits of cherry in the ice cream.
  4. Oatmeal Cookie: A dark-horse favorite for sure, I thought an oatmeal cookie-flavored ice cream sounded kind of strange, but I ended up loving it! There are chunks of cookie generously portioned throughout the ice cream giving you a chewy treat!
  5. Strawberry: Can’t beat a good strawberry ice cream. Halo Top’s version is smooth and creamy with a rich strawberry taste.
  6. Peanut Butter Cup: This was another one I was surprised I liked so much. The peanut putter taste is rich and the texture of the ice cream is extra smooth. There are chocolatey almost caramel-like ribbons throughout the ice cream. Extra decadent and extra delicious.
  7. Cookie Dough: I was somewhat unimpressed by this one. The small cookie dough chunks are very sporadically placed throughout the ice cream, definitely not enough for me. Otherwise good flavor, but I demand more cookie dough!
  8. Cookies and Creme: This one was kind of strange to me, I swear it tasted like coffee! The oreo cookie specks are just that, specks, no chunks of cookie or anything like that. I’ve definitely had better cookies and creme before.
  9. Smores: Probably the biggest let down of the new flavors, I was less than impressed by Smores. There are tiny chocolate chips and small graham chunks throughout the ice cream, but they are minuscule. I didn’t get a rich chocolate taste or really any taste of marshmallow at all. I thought this one had a slight coffee taste too! Weird.  
  10. Red Velvet: Meh, I’ve honestly never understood the obsession with red velvet. It doesn’t do much for me.


Have y’all tried the new flavors yet? Leave a comment with your favorite below!

Biscuits and blessings,


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