Avocado Feta Dip

Who’s pumped for Super Sunday? I love me some football, but TBH the NFL doesn’t do anything for me. I’m a college football fan all the way (and roll damn tide.) You know I’ll get behind any reason to eat though. I love Super Bowl snacking because it means lots […]

National Popcorn Day

Y’all. I’m doing whole 30 and it is ROUGH. I’m craving everything – cheese, chocolate, french fries… It’s the pits. I’m currently salivating just thinking about popcorn. January 19 was national popcorn day and I teamed up with Hartley Social again to bring you some recipes. We made two versions […]

Make a Bomb Cheese Plate on lexeats.com_6

Five Steps to a Bomb Cheese Plate

You should know by now that I have a thing for cheese. My first job was at a cheese store, so one could say I know a thing or two about fromage (French for cheese – see, I know things!) I could make a cheese and charcuterie plate for dinner […]

Chocolate Covered Anything Day on

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Another day, another made up reason to eat chocolate. What can I say? Bringing you another post in a series with Hartley Social and The Mall at Lexington Green to celebrate national food holidays. We’re celebrating National Chocolate Covered Anything Day on December 16, because let’s be honest, pretty much […]

Cookie Butter Baked Brie

Y’all. I can’t even with this one. So it goes a little something like this.. I win one of those Instagram contests that you tag a friend to enter (exciting, right?!) and receive a jar of this deliciousness in the mail. I eat a spoonful then put in the cabinet. […]

The Easiest Three Ingredient Muffin on

Three Ingredient Sour Cream Mini Muffins

This is so easy it shouldn’t even count as a recipe. My mom has made sour cream muffins ever since I can remember. They literally only take three ingredients and are the perfect complement to any meal. They are light and buttery; it’s hard to just eat one. I love […]

Kentucky Hot Brown Pinwheels

One of the many great Kentucky food items is the hot brown. Originating from Louisville’s Brown Hotel, this open-faced sandwich with a rich mornay sauce is a must-try if you’re visiting Kentucky. I needed to come up with an appetizer for another girls night and decided to try and replicate […]

Roasted Corn & Black Bean Salsa from

Roasted Corn & Black Bean Salsa

I love the combination of corn and beans. In college, one of our go-to “meals” consisted of dumping a can of corn and a can of beans in a bowl, mixing it up and dipping with tortilla chips. So, for girls night (TGIT – amirite??) I wanted to upgrade this […]

Homemade Sea-Salted Almond Butter from

Homemade Sea-Salted Almond Butter

  I’ve always been a peanut butter person. My favorite snack as a kid was (and still is…) peanut butter and apple slices. A few years ago, I discovered almond butter and fell in love. I feel like it’s a more adult version of peanut butter and for some reason […]