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Five Recipes for Leftover Halloween Candy on lexeats.com

Five Recipes for Leftover Halloween Candy

Happy November! Whaaaaat can’t believe I just said that. Fall has just flown by and I’m minorly freaking out about everything I need to do before I leave for Europe for Thanksgiving/the holidays in general, but still excited for it! In the meantime, I’m guessing you may have some leftover […]

Gluten-Free Mascarpone Fruit Pizza

Who else loves fruit pizza? My friends and I used to make it all the time in highschool and college. You take sugar cookie dough and spread it out on a pizza pan to create one huge cookie and then frost it with cream cheese icing and top with fruit.. […]

Whole 30 Icecream Bites on lexeats.com

Whole 30 “Ice Cream” Bites

So I made it about 20 days on Whole 30 back in January, and while it was miserably hard, I did feel so much better following it. My stomach really is so much happier when I eat dairy and gluten-free, but it’s so hard! I really love carbs. And cheese. […]

Girl Scout Cookie Cereal Bars on lexeats.com

Girl Scout Cookie Cereal Bars

Y’all. There are Girl Scout Cookie cereals. There, I said it. I went to two different grocery stores to find them.. #dedication. They come in Thin Mint and Caramel Delight flavors, which just happen to be my two favorite kinds of Girl Scout cookies. I wanted to come up with […]

New Year’s Eve Champagne Punch

I can’t believe that New Year’s Eve is two days away. I had big plans to try and go to Atlanta for the Alabama playoff game, but came down with a nasty cold this week and don’t feel like making the drive. I’m honestly not even sure if I’ll make […]

Chocolate Covered Anything Day on Lexeats.com

National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Another day, another made up reason to eat chocolate. What can I say? Bringing you another post in a series with Hartley Social and The Mall at Lexington Green to celebrate national food holidays. We’re celebrating National Chocolate Covered Anything Day on December 16, because let’s be honest, pretty much […]

Cookie Butter Baked Brie

Y’all. I can’t even with this one. So it goes a little something like this.. I win one of those Instagram contests that you tag a friend to enter (exciting, right?!) and receive a jar of this deliciousness in the mail. I eat a spoonful then put in the cabinet. […]

A ranking of the new Halo Top flavors

Who else is obsessed with Halo Top ice cream? I know I can’t be the only one. I discovered Halo Top a few months ago from a fellow food blogger and definitely thought it was too good to be true, because when has low-cal ice cream ever actually tasted good?! […]