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The Lexington Resolution Friendly Restaurant Guide

Who else is on the new year / healthy eating train? While cooking at home so that you know exactly what is in your meals is a sure-fire way to eat healthier, we all lead busy lives and have become accustomed to being able to grab something on the go. I’m here to tell you you can have your cake (salad) and eat it too! I’ve put together my list of resolution friendly restaurants. 

Athenian Grill

Hello hummus! Greek food is one of my favorite ways to eat well; since it’s mostly based in meat and vegetables. I love a good Greek salad. And hummus. Skip the gyro and do a gyro bowl or souvlaki (grilled meat skewer.)

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Hummus from Athenian Grill

CoreLife Eatery

For when you’re bored of salads. Yes, CoreLife serves all kinds of bowls, including salads, but also offers grain and broth bowls. They provide nutritional info for all their menu items, handy if you’re counting calories or using My Fitness Pal.

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The Mediterranean Bowl from CoreLife

Fika Vegan Cantina

I think Fika is Lexington’s only vegan restaurant, and even as a meat eater I can say it’s so tasty! Trying to reset after the indulgent holiday season? Fika’s dairy free (and lots of gluten free options too) menu is a great option. I love the lasagna and don’t even get me started on the guacamole.

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Jack Fruit Tacos (tastes like pulled pork!) from Fika Vegan Cantina


Okay, so probably not what you think of when you think healthy restaurants, but you would actually be surprised at the variety of healthy options on Malone’s menu. I include it because of how willing they are to accommodate special requests or dietary restrictions. I work for BHG and eat lunch there almost every day and was able to eat Whole 30 by requesting no butter/oil on meat and veggies or removing cheese/croutons from salads. There are actually ten salads on Malone’s menu; just order the dressing on the side or ask for oil and vinegar if you’re watching what you eat! Aqua Sushi is also a great healthy option, just stay away from any fried rolls. My go to is the Spring Roll with Shrimp, no spicy mayo πŸ˜‰

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The Greek Chicken Salad from Malone’s

Pho BC

As far as I’m concerned, Vietnamese is a healthier option. Pho BC is a traditional Vietnamese restaurant specializing in Pho (noodle soup). I usually order a Rice Vermicelli Bowl, which is like a salad with thin rice noodles (gluten free). Summer Rolls are also a great healthy option, like an egg roll except with lots of fresh veggies and it isn’t fried!

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Vermicelli Rice Bowl and a Summer Roll from Pho BC

The Simple Greek

I told ya I loved Greek and Simple Greek is like the “Chipotle” of Greek food. Go for a bowl and customize it with lots of veggies and protein. They also have a Greek yogurt bar, because you need a little indulgence every now and then, and this is a much healthier option than ice cream or other treats!

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A Greek yogurt parfait from The Simple Greek

Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen

A salad restaurant is an obvious choice, but it’s truly one of my favs, dieting or not! I love the Harvest Kale or Chicken Taco. Lately I’ve been doing the half a salad and cup of soup combo; so nice in the winter. Vinaigrette has four locations in Lexington, so you have no excuse for not being able to grab a healthy lunch on the go.

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All the salad from VSK

The Weekly Juicery

Give this girl an acai bowl and she’ll love you forever. The Weekly Juicery is my go to for a healthy breakfast on the go or pick-me-up when I’m feeling sick. I love the Blue Suede Shoes, Matcha Madness and Sweet Dream Smoothie or Beenut Butter and Jelly Acai Bowl. I’ve also done their juice cleanses before if you’re looking for a serious kick start to healthy living.

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The Beenut Butter and Jelly Acai Bowl from The Weekly Juicery

Do you have any resolution-friendly recommendations to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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