• My trip to Thailand
    My trip to Thailand
  • Blogger Brunch & a Summer Salad Recipe
    Blogger Brunch & a Summer Salad Recipe
  • Denver Travel Guide
    Denver Travel Guide
  • 5 Questions to ask Yourself Before Traveling Solo
    5 Questions to ask Yourself Before Traveling Solo


Sunday Reading V.33

What a week. Happy and sad; full of love and despair. I’ll be honest, I have a hard time sharing on here after a tragedy. It feels wrong and ignorant like I don’t recognize that such a monumental loss just occurred and I’m over here talking about donuts or whatever. […]

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Sunday Reading V.32 / Fat Tuesday Round-Up

Greetings from Park City! Dave surprised me with a trip out here as my Christmas present. Some friends joined us and we’ve had the best time skiing, eating and hanging at the house. I am not a great skier; I think I improved a *tiny* bit, but let’s just say […]

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Four Days in Dublin

So this post is a little late coming. I had a European Thanksgiving excursion and promised I would share my trip with y’all. I did Dublin to Budapest to Prague and back to Dublin to catch my flight home in 12 days. Four of those days were spent in Dublin […]

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Sunday Reading V.30

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Writing this during the game, because I can’t just sit and watch a tv for four hours πŸ˜‰ I had a bit of a lame week; ended up in bed with a fever for two days and laid low still not feeling 100% this weekend. I […]

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Ten+ Super Sunday Recipes

It’s that time! I would consider myself somewhat of a football fan, but TBH do not care about the NFL much at all. I will, however, take any excuse to make excessive amounts of food. Especially any kind of dip. Dips are definitely my favorite food group (they count as […]

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Sunday Reading V.29

Another week come and gone. How does it happen so fast?! I lazed around pretty much all day today, which is abnormal for me. I’m so weird, I get this guilt trip whenever I “waste” a day being lazy on the couch. I’m not sure why it is, it’s not […]

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Sunday Reading v.28

Happy Sunday folks! I had an exciting week celebrating my best friend’s wedding in Birmingham, Alabama. It was such a fun weekend getting to see old friends from college and watch my friend get married after 11 years of dating (!) Dave went to the wedding with me and lucky […]

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Sunday Reading v.27

Well hello there, long lost friends! I kind of lost sight of these weekly check-ins during the holidays, but new year, new me, and new commitment to posting these regularly πŸ˜‰ I had a bit of a chill weekend. It was the first weekend since before Thanksgiving that I had […]

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2017 Reflections + New Year Intentions

Happy New Year! Thought I’d share a little “year in review” type of post with you and share a few of my goals and intentions for 2018. I’ve seen a lot of “2017 was the worst” posts. I’m with ya; it was by no doubt a tough year and brought […]

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Lexington Foodie Gift Guide

It’s definitely the holiday season y’all! I’ve been such a bad blogger recently and am a little behind on holiday content. I figured better late than never…. so here’s my holiday gift guide! I’ve included all of my favorite local places for “foodie” gifts. (I kinda hate using the word […]

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