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National Cocoa Day on

National Cocoa Day!

Did y’all know there was such a thing?! When I worked at a PR agency in New York, we found basically every national food holiday possible to try and promote our clients in a new way. I celebrated National Coffee Day, World Malbec Day, Doughnut Day.. you name it. Definitely […]

Appetizers, Snacks, Sweet Treats

Cookie Butter Baked Brie

Y’all. I can’t even with this one. So it goes a little something like this.. I win one of those Instagram contests that you tag a friend to enter (exciting, right?!) and receive a jar of this deliciousness in the mail. I eat a spoonful then put in the cabinet. […]

Entrees, Healthyish Eating

Lemon Orzo Pasta Salad

Got an easy and healthyish recipe for ya, friends! I love the orzo pasta salad from Fresh Market. Like, love it so much that I eat it for breakfast kind of regularly, which was the inspiration for this recipe. It’s an easy one – you just cook the pasta, whip […]


The Lex Eats Gift Guide

It’s that time of year… let the holiday shopping commence! I love giving people gifts. I Christmas shop all year round; if I see something perfect for someone, I just buy it! There’s nothing I hate more than going to the mall knowing you need a gift that day and […]

Doughnut Vault on

36 Hours of Eating in Chicago

Howdy, y’all! I can’t believe October is almost over. So far, I’ve spent every weekend of the month away from home.. two trips to visit my alma mater in Tuscaloosa, AL (roll tide!), a trip to Chicago and a weekend house sitting! It’s been insane, so I am more than […]