Sunday Reading V. 26

Hello again, friends! Hope it was a great weekend for ya. I went to the UK game Friday night followed by dinner at Pasta Garage. Saturday was brunch at Lockbox and then a friend’s wedding. Sunday was Church and working on a Thanksgiving food drive I’m running for my Church. Just now sitting down at 8pm on Sunday night, shoo!! Good thing we got that extra hour of sleep πŸ˜‰

Highs & Lows

High: I dressed up as my boss for Halloween and it was hysterical. My team each dressed up as one of our bosses and surprised everyone in our office – too fun.

Low: I’ve been missing my friend Jordan this week. He was supposed to be the best man in the wedding I went to last night and we definitely missed him. I know he was celebrating up there with us too!

Sunday Readong on
How amazing is this?
Links I Love

ALERT! Williams Sonoma has a new Harry Potter line. I need this Gryffindor spatula and apron stat.

Hershey’s is releasing a new candy bar flavor for the first time in 20 years. TBH it sounds kinda gross to me, but will probs try it anyways.

I need Bloomin’ Brie Bread in my life. Gonna try and recreate this recipe for the holidays.

Jennifer Lawrence interviewed Kim Kardashian and it’s great.

Apparently you can put plastic wrap in the oven?!

If you’re already planning for the big meal: 53 Thanksgiving recipes.

You know I’m all over this; foodstagrammers to follow from all over the world.

If you’re a sale shopper like me – things that always go on sale in November.

Quote of the Week

A good one from the Lorax. I’m writing this right after hearing the news of another mass shooting in Texas, and am in shock, sad and so frustrated. I got the news while sitting at church eating dinner with a group of high schoolers. One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced since taking on a youth leader position at my church is grappling with what to say to kids about these tragedies that seem to be more common than not. What do you even say? The only answer I have is to fight hate with love. Choose to see the good in people and choose to love them despite the ugliness in each of us. I’ve said it before and will keep saying it; I truly believe we can change the world by showing love and kindness to everyone you encounter. I’ve also signed up for updates from Everytown for Gun Safety; in case you’re also looking for an organization to support. As always, sending you lots of love!

Biscuits & blessings,



  1. I can’t believe that Williams Sonoma came out with a Harry Potter line; I know what I’m asking for for Christmas now!

  2. That’s such a great quote for the week!

  3. Your costume isn’t SPOT ON! I’m glad your boss liked it πŸ™‚ you look great!

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