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Well hello there, long lost friends! I kind of lost sight of these weekly check-ins during the holidays, but new year, new me, and new commitment to posting these regularly πŸ˜‰ I had a bit of a chill weekend. It was the first weekend since before Thanksgiving that I had nothing to do and I totally took advantage of that. Lots of movies with the roomie, brunch, a workout class, organizing around the house and pizza delivery. Doesn’t that sound glorious?! 

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Brunch at Doodles

I’m gearing up for a big week with an all day meeting in Louisville tomorrow and leaving on Wednesday for my best friend’s wedding in Birmingham, AL. I am trying to eat a bit healthier, as I talked about in my 2018 goals + intentions, so I’m trying to cook more at home and meal prep better. We’ll see how this crazy week goes, wish me luck!

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Eating healthy baby steps; Greek Chicken Salad from Malone’s
Highs & Lows

High: It was seriously so nice to have the weekend off. I needed some time to reset and get my wish in order.

Low: I had a little situation happen this week that made me seriously question what Lex Eats means to me and question my self worth and abilities. Long story that I can’t really share (and I hate being so cryptic, I swear it’s not intentional!) In the end, a reader sent me a really sweet unexpected message that totally changed my tune; so thank you if that was you! 

Links I Love

I kept these all resolution friendly this week πŸ˜‰

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Speaking of Italian food, I shared this Baked Chicken Parmesan Meatballs recipe earlier this week.

30 Whole30 lunch recipe ideas.

Self care on your resolution list? Check out eight ways to beat the winter blues.

For those like me trying to declutter after the holidays: 11 things you should throw away.

Okay, leaving you with one more healthy eating one; 31 homemade salad dressing recipes.

Quote of the Week

Sunday Reading on

My motto for 2018. Really trying not to glorify “busy”. It’s hard because I am busy, and I wouldn’t change that. It’s more that I don’t want to be that person who responds “busy” when someone asks how I’ve been. I want to be more prepared and intentional with my time. Let’s see how I do during this hectic week! Hope you have a great one!

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