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Happy Father’s Day! I hope you got to celebrate the Dads in your life today. If this day is hard for you, please know I’m sending you love. I said that I was going to be healthier this week, and was semi-successful at that, but still managed to eat out a few times. It just seems that so much of my social/work life revolves around eating! And I will not complain about that 😉

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Dancing with Dad at my Deb Ball

My week was busy again. As my blog grows so do the networking opportunities – which is great – but I’m going to have to learn how to consolidate my calendar a little bit better! Or just actually use my weekends to be productive instead of spending several hours on the couch watching Game of Thrones like I’m currently doing… Oh well. I got to meet with several new and old blogger pals this week. Coffee with Loud Girl Big World, lunch with Eat Kentucky and a Vinaigrette date with Basically Bronwyn, Bright on a Budget, Girl Meets Lex and Kentucky Girl Ramblings. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, #communityovercompetition is everything. Meeting with other bloggers gives me the best inspiration and it’s been so helpful to have people to turn to for advice/troubleshooting.

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Lunching with my ladies at Vinaigrette!

This weekend was pretty laid back. I made it out on the Kentucky River on Saturday, ate dinner on the water and caught a beautiful sunset. It was one of those days that makes me love Kentucky so much! Apparently today is National Brunch Day, so my roommate and I celebrated at Alfalfa’s and now I’m off to celebrate Father’s Day with my fam!

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Biscuits & Gravy at Alfalfa’s
Highs and Lows

High: Being out on the water is just one of my favorite things about summer. There’s nothing better than sitting at the front of the boat with the wind blowing in your hair!

Low: I’ve had something to do every week night for no joke, two weeks straight. Hoping to get a night off this week!

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Okay, sometimes my “having something to do every night” includes guac
Links I Love

Summer dinner recipes under 500 calories. I did a little bit better at eating healthy this week, but these recipes are giving me more inspiration!

Advice from 25 famous women on how to be productive.

Sneakily affordable luxury vacation destinations. Right up my alley! I’m still in a trip planning mode.. I found a flight to Budapest during Thanksgiving for $500; think I’m about to bite the bullet!

Trader Joe’s is now selling tiny avocados! I will try and report back. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown away half of an avocado because I let it go bad.

15 ways to add eggs to any meal. Y’all should know by now, #putaneggonit is my life motto; it’s the best/easiest way to get some protein. And fried egg taco shells.. how have I not thought of that?!

Tips for extra crispy potatoes. Parboiling is the key!

My summer is booking up quickly, this Summer Fun Guide for Lexington is giving me even more ideas!

That’s what I’ve got for ya this week. Make it a good one!

Biscuits & blessings,



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  1. Sounds like you might need a night off pretty soon!! Great lunching with you ❤️

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