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Howwwwday friends! What a week. A bit rough over in my neck of the woods; I found out I have tendonitis in my rotater cuff and man, oh man, was it a painful few days. Like bawling my eyes out it hurt so bad to even get out of bed. PTL for a steroid shot and muscle relaxers; I’m feeling somewhat better now and hopefully can start PT next week.

Otherwise, I spent the beginning of my week at a work meeting in Pigeon Forge. This weekend involved some fall shopping (oops!) and tried out Grimaldi’s Pizza and DV8 Kitchen for brunch. I also took a trip out to Eckert’s Boyd Orchard for some apples, and apple cider donuts of course. Hoping to share a tasty apple dessert recipe with y’all soon!

Highs & Lows

High: I just realized I ate donuts legitimately four times in the past week. OMG y’all it’s a problem. #sorrynotsorry

Low: Easy one here. Tendonitis is not a joke! Besides the pain, it also set me behind on both my jobs and blog stuff. Womp womp.

Links I Love

OMG there is a live webcam of sled dog puppies.

The temps have finally dropped and here are 83 fall soup recipes.

Alert! There is finally dairy-free Halo Top! Healthy ice cream that also doesn’t hurt my stomach? Win.

Speaking of ice cream, what is the difference between ice cream and gelato anyways?

Make some pumpkin butter.

What’s new on Netflix. I am distraught over One Tree Hill being removed, but may be able to be consoled with the addition of Must Love Dogs.

Flights to Europe are apparently 30% cheaper right now. Go go go!

Mmmmm this skillet meatball bake with cheese looks so tasty!

Ten life-changing trips for solo travelers. You know I’m all over that one!

Quote of the Week

Sunday Reading on

It’s finally feeling like Fall! Make sure to check out my list of everything you should do in Lexington this Fall. Y’all get out there and enjoy this weather and have a great week!

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  1. Love the “links I love” thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I love P.F. My hubby and I spent some time there some years back. These pics look so yummy. Im sorry you weren’t feeling great. :/ New to your blog and really enjoyed this post. And now Im hungry. lol.

  3. I am so excited for dairy-free Halo Top!!! WOW thank you for sharing the great news.

  4. Sorry to hear that you had tendinitis! Glad you are on the road to recovery though. I’ve really enjoyed this post and your blog is beautiful!! πŸ™‚
    … by J

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