Sunday Reading, V8

Happy Sunday! I’m writing this curled up on the couch, with the rain coming down and Gilmore Girls on in the background. So, life is good. Except the rain has put a damper on some outdoor activities I had planned, but I could probably use the time to catch up on work anyways!

I know I say this every week, but it just never changes; my week was busy. I made two trips to Louisville for work – one to Bardstown and the Jim Beam Distillery, which is always a fun day. We picked out a private selection Knob Creek barrel, which means we got to taste through different bourbons and pick out one that will be exclusively available at BHG restaurants (my work, in case you didn’t know!) I also finally got to check out Please & Thank You, a cute little coffee shop with THE BEST chocolate chip cookies. I’ve had an insta-crush on this place for months and was so excited to finally try it in person.

On Thursday, I went to the Summit at Fritz Farm first look in Lexington with some of my local blogger friends. We checked out a couple of the shops including Ariat, Vineyard Vines and Morton James then grabbed dinner at Edley’s Bar-B-Cue. And it gave me an excuse to wear this cute new outfit from E. Leigh’s Boutique, which opened in the Summit this weekend! I’m obsessed with the earrings. If you’re local, make sure to check them out!

Blogger gal power. Photo by Original Makers.

I had a pretty low-key weekend. Some Local Taco action on Friday night, and cooking, cleaning and catching up on work all day Saturday. Riveting, I know.

Highs & Lows

High: Receiving a package from E. Leigh’s. I’m still a baby blogger, so blogger mail is exciting for me! It’s also a nice boost of confidence to know that a brand thinks a have somewhat of an influence in my community.

Low: The third drive to Louisville in a week.

Links I Love

Rosé forties are a thing aaaaaand I’m dead. Happy spring.

Interesting food rules from around Europe. In Russia: “Tradition holds that when you die, all of the bread you’ve wasted over the years will be weighed and added to the balance that decides whether or not you get into heaven.”

For the coffee lovers; basically a Willy Wonka-fied four-story Starbucks is coming to Chicago.

If you’ve watched my Insta-stories, you know I only survive because of dry shampoo. Apparently apple cider vinegar does the same thing…

For the baker; why your chocolate chip cookies aren’t turning out like you hoped. I’m working on a gluten free cookie right now that needs some work. This was helpful!

For the blogger/grammer; the new Instagram algorithm got you down? Great advice.

Stumbled across the Letter Project and could not love it more. Women writing letters to girls across the US who need some encouragement. I just signed up to be a letter writer!

A beautiful story of food bringing people together in Palestine.

Quote of the Week

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” Oscar Wilde.

Hope it’s a great one! Stay tuned for some fun Derby content coming this week.

Biscuits & blessings,


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  1. Had so much fun at The Summit! I must try these chocolate chip cookies you speak of ? Have a great week!

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