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Copy-Cat Kroger Deli Derby City Chicken Salad - made with Greek yogurt for a guilt-free meal! From LexEats.com

Copy-Cat Kroger Deli Derby City Chicken Salad

Anyone else out there obsessed with Kroger Deli’s Derby City chicken salad? For all y’all non-Kentuckians – it’s the best chicken salad EVER. The chicken is perfectly shredded and studded with grapes, celery and pecans creating the perfect sweet and savory combination. I’m not kidding when I say I could […]

Gluten-Free Protein "Pancakes" from LexEats.com

Gluten-Free Protein “Pancakes”

I try and eat gluten-free as often as possible. I am not celiac, but have some pancreas and digestive issues. After some diet experimentation, I found I feel a lot better avoiding gluten and dairy, which has been really hard for me to deal with because my two favorite food […]

Homemade Sea-Salted Almond Butter from LexEats.com

Homemade Sea-Salted Almond Butter

  I’ve always been a peanut butter person. My favorite snack as a kid was (and still is…) peanut butter and apple slices. A few years ago, I discovered almond butter and fell in love. I feel like it’s a more adult version of peanut butter and for some reason […]