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Told y’all I had the itch for another trip.. I just got back from a long weekend in Denver and had the best time! I traveled with friends this time (but check out my post on solo travel here.) My best friend moved to Denver in January and we went to visit her for the Fourth of July weekend. I’ve been to Denver once before, so it was nice to revisit places and also discover new ones with a Denver resident’s help! I’m definitely no expert, but have done my fair-share of exploring Denver, so I’m sharing my finds with you! Check out my guide for Denver below:

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Where to Eat
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Snooze had a mix and match benedict option so I could try two different kinds – my favorite way to eat!


Denver Biscuit Company

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Pizza & Mac ‘n Cheese from Modern Market

Modern Market

Union Station

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The pizza love is real. And yes, my shirt says carbs.



Pizza… I don’t feel quite qualified to make this call for you, but I had several tasty pies while in Denver. Choose your own adventure on this one.. but make sure to try dipping your crust in honey! It’s a Colorado specialty and so good!

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Check out Linger’s rooftop for great vibes, food and drinks


The Tavern


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Larimer Square is basically an Instagrammer’s dream
What to Do

Go to a concert at Red Rocks: Not ground-breaking advice, but a must while you’re in Denver. Even if you hate the band, the experience will be well worth it. I saw James Taylor there a couple years ago and it was one of my favorite concerts to date! You can also just go to Red Rocks during the day and walk around – the view is amazing.

Explore Larimer Square: This was my favorite part of downtown Denver. There are string lights criss-crossing the street, which is lined with cute shops and restaurants. It’s pretty much the definition of ideal. I recommend sticking to this area and avoiding the more touristy 16th Street Mall.

Ride bikes in downtown Denver: You can rent bikes from stations around the city and return them to any station you come across. I recommend starting at Cherry Creek and riding through the park before taking to the streets of Denver.

Go to a Rockies game: Another kind of touristy activity, but still fun! I am the farthest thing from a baseball fan, but I still enjoyed myself.

Explore Tennyson Street: While downtown Denver is pretty cool, I always like to get to lesser known areas of town. With plenty of local shops and trendy restaurants, the Tennyson/Berkeley area is perfect for an afternoon of wandering.

Take a day trip to Boulder. It’s an easy drive from Denver with great views and such a cute town! Walk down Pearl Street and stop by a brewery (or two).

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Come for the baseball, stay for the hotdogs
Be Outdoorsy

You are in the mountains and all. I’m not the biggest outdoorsman, but enjoy the occasional hike. These are a few hikes I recommend that aren’t too hard core:

Garden of the Gods

Pike’s Peak… I drove to the top of this one 😉

St. Mary’s Glacier

Lookout Mountain

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Saint Mary’s Glacier – I slid down the glacier after taking this photo!

I know this is not a fully-inclusive list, and I’m definitely hoping to get back to Denver soon to try so many places that we didn’t have time to hit. Have you ever been? If so, let me know what I’m missing!

Biscuits & blessings,


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  1. Chris Boone

    Love your advice. Denver sounds like a great place to visit these days. It’s been quite a few years since Marcia and I took to their streets. No doubt a lot has improved since we were there.
    We’re just back from Pawley’s Island…we loved the low-country, even in summer. If you go, stay at the Seaview Inn (opened in 1937). It’s right on the ocean. You get three meals a day… southern cooking at it finest. So non-commercial…you’ll love the beach…we promise. Love your blog!

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