Sunday Reading V.30

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Writing this during the game, because I can’t just sit and watch a tv for four hours 😉 I had a bit of a lame week; ended up in bed with a fever for two days and laid low still not feeling 100% this weekend. I couldn’t even get excited about making Super Bowl food, so you know I’m really not feeling well. I did end up making some kind of jalapeño popper that will probably end up on here eventually, but also frozen popcorn chicken.. no judgement please.

The only cool thing I did this week: picked out a private selection barrel of Four Roses for work.

I’m headed to Park City, Utah, this week to go skiing. I’ve never skied out west, so I’m excited but also a little nervous. Wish me luck and send any recs for Park City!

Highs & Lows

High: I’ve mentioned before that I have been helping out with my church’s youth program. I had my last official day today with our Youth Sunday program and it went so well! It’s been such a cool experience to serve.

Low: Being sick is no fun. 

Links I Love

In case you imbibe a bit too much tonight, the best natural hangover advice on the internet.

I’m pretty confidant in my scrambled eggs, but interested in trying this trick that claims you won’t need any milk.

After seeing it all over the internet, I caved and tried Grove Collaborative (natural home products). I got my shipment in today and got like eight things for $20 plus they sent a Ms. Meyer’s set for free. Get a $10 credit to try here.

Cooking oils 101. I found this so useful! When to use olive/coconut/sesame oil etc.

For my fellow dry shampoo addicts: how often you really need to wash your hair.

Seven new dairy free Halo Top flavors and I’m so excited!

28 one pot dinner recipes.

And a little late for the big game, but if you enjoy dips/finger foods, I posted over ten Super Sunday recipes earlier this week.

Quote of the Week

Because we all know what really matters tonight. Hope y’all are having a tasty night!

Biscuits & blessings,



  1. Also pumped about non-dairy Halo! Feel better. And Park City is gorgeous- you’ll love it!

  2. I love that you are involved with your Church and especially with the youth group. And one pot dinners! Yes, please!

  3. I hope you’re feeling better this week and have a wonderful time in Utah!

  4. Hope you feel better girl! Looking forward to that jalapeño popper recipe 😉

  5. Feel better! That’s never fun!!

  6. Hope you feel better!! I want to try the Birthday Cake Halo Top!!

  7. Biscuits and blessings! I love that so much! Also, YAS for new dairy free halo top!

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