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Sunday Reading V13

Shoo, y’all, I’m pooped! Sunday Reading is coming on a Monday because I just couldn’t last night. I had a jam-packed (fun!) week. On top of it being Lexington Burger Week, some local restaurants have joined together to host Lexington Eats Week, so I had a crazy week at work. And I ate too many burgers.

So. Many. Burgers.

This weekend was full of activities. Saturday morning Visit Horse Country hosted fellow bloggers Sarah, Ella and me for a tour at Taylor Made Farm. I can’t believe I’ve lived in Kentucky for most of my life and had never been on a tour of a horse farm before! I fell in love with a few grey horses. It was cool to see behind-the-scenes of a horse farm and so so beautiful!

IDK why, but I thought the horses would want to smell me like a dog does to gain your trust… lolz

Saturday night I hosted a Stock the Bar shower for my best friend whose wedding is in two weeks – ah! I made a Champagne punch that was pretty tasty – think I’ll share the recipe with y’all soon.

Bridesmaids try and take a photo…

No rest for wicked – Sunday morning was a Blogger Brunch at the Barn at Springhouse. A group of local bloggers collaborated to host the most extra brunch ever.. and I mean extra in a great way. There was a mimosa bar, flower crown making station and too much food. I hope you caught it on my insta-stories, but no worries if not because I’ll be sharing photos soon! I made watermelon-feta bites and a summer salad, which I will also share recipes for.

So much brunch!
Highs & Lows

High: Blogger brunch was just so amazing! I love meeting new creatives and am always so inspired by the amazing things Lexingt.nians are doing!

Low: I have been so busy recently I haven’t worked out in I think two weeks. Feeling gross and need to get back into a routine!

Bloggers meet horse.
Links I love

53 Caprese Recipes.. hello summer!

Apparently those strings on your banana are super healthy.

Chipotle finally has queso.. too late for me, but are you a fan?

Destination food factory tours.. where was this when I was in Denver! I’ve been to the Coke museum before and it’s pretty cool.

I’m such a big proponent of this one.. take a real lunch break! I swear I can get more accomplished in a day if I actually make myself take a break.

An online grocery store where nothing costs over $3? I’m intrigued.

I’ve heard a lot about intermittent fasting recently.. I’m not sure what I think. Have y’all done any research?

Quote of the Week

Weekend Reading on lexeats.com_4

Wander often, wonder always. This is really ringing true for me lately – I’ve spent the last three weekends out of town and am deciding to enjoy the adventure instead of stressing about everything that slips through the cracks with a hectic schedule.

Weekend Reading on lexeats.com_4
Had to leave you with one last burger!

Have a great week friends!

Biscuits & blessings,



  1. Chris Boone

    Touring horse farms should be required of all school kids so they know what Kentucky is all about. Glad you finally got to see a farm…they’re awesome places. I think Kentucky horses live better than most people! I love that you show the Lexington vibe…it’s really cool! Enjoy the gym…

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